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  • Are you in need of a new website for a personal project, or for your business?
  • Is your existing website in need of an upgrade, or facelift?
  • Are you interested in a WordPress website?
  • Are you interested in Managed Web Hosting which includes updates as needed to your website, and an optional yearly facelift?
  • Are you a individual or cause in need of pro bono work?
  • Would you like digital photograph enhancement services?
  • Would you like digital photograph correction services?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then Total Solution Designs is the service provider for you! We offer advanced, as well as affordable options, and we do pro bono work for causes we believe in!

Total Solution Designs offers a very special tailor made Managed Web Hosting solution for those of you who don’t want to bother updating and maintaining your own website! Instead we do it for you. This solution includes unlimited website updates (during normal business hours), and we include photo cropping services, as well as other photo editing services (for use on your website) at no extra charge.

Total Solution Designs offers digital photograph enhancement and correction services for those who want the maximum impact of contrast, and color on their photos! We have our special leveling algorithms make for some great black & white photos as well. With our extensive in house photo library, and an in house photographer, photo enhancements are extra special!

Total Solution Designs can also group multiple services into one project, with custom pricing options for your individual needs! We go out of our way to keep very happy customers!

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